Since my last post…

I have written a new post 😀

I’ve started doing more art.

I got my photography up in Harris + Hoole in twickenham! It looks Awesome 😀 I also did art with kids and met vince cable but thats a whole different story

And written a book! I’m writing a series of novellas entitled ‘A series of colours’ and the first is called ‘One colour. Rouge’. I got the idea to write something because myself and a friend were joking about 50 shades and writing a spoof. And suddenly the spoof became an actual project… Also I’m dyslexic, and I love reading. But to read something really good, really satisfying, something to be taken seriously is normally a massive pain in the behind. I recently read the Millennium series (girl with the dragon tattoo etc) and each book is basically bible sized. It took about 6 months of constant reading to get through it.

So I felt, why not write something adult, with mature themes which is a bit… Easier to digest for dyslexia… So it’s short. With lots of small paragraphs. And I’ve kept it concise, writing enough to understand the characters but not tonnes of detail that’ll get half read as you skip to the action. It is descriptive in parts but I’ve used poetic devices rythym and odd sentence structures to infer details rather than force reading.

Admittedly I used Garamond… But it’s in size 12 😀

One Colour. Rouge

That’s the link to the blog 🙂 with all the details of how to get the book and with an extract of the first chapter 😀 I’ll also be putting up news of the second book and a first look extract for fans of the first book. I’ll be posting up info about readings too and any freebies 😀


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