I’d like to introduce my… blog

New blog 🙂

This space will soon be filled with fun things and general musings, not that I think I’m a hugely important person or anything who demands that you all take notice of my very intelligent high brow opinions, or empathise, sympathise even with my innermost turmoils and weedling desires (If you didn’t pick up on the deep yet porously sardonic tone… perhaps click away from the blog). No. I’m writing this blog because I keep something of a sporadic diary.

My mum bless her in her infinite meddling found this and unabashedly read this. Between photography notes, eastern philosophy notes, Judo notes and the like, she laughed herself silly at the general blurbs I write.

And so please find this blog.

Never to commit my most most personal items to text, please find notes about my hobbies, and general musings. Some might be observational, some might be biological, some of the spelling may be interpretive.